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Focusing on the field of fluid technology, Letone Technology takes "low bending, high pressure, long life, and multi-function" as the focus of product iteration.


Export to more than 40 countries, the United States, Italy, Spain, France, Russia, India, Saudi Arabia, etc.

Since 2003, letone Technology has focused on polymer material blending, polymer material modification, hydraulic hose, oil drilling hose, fracturing hose, rubber-plastic composite hose, ultra-high pressure resin hose, fluid connection It is a company that provides high-efficiency solutions for fluid transportation, high-performance solutions for polymer material blends, and efficient transportation of shale oil and gas stimulation and acidification fracturing pipelines. National high-tech enterprise of solutions, ultra-high pressure water jet pipeline transportation solutions, automotive air conditioning pipeline system solutions, and hydrogen filling pipeline system solutions. Stable product quality and good reputation have won it the honorary title of "Top Ten Enterprises in the Hose Industry" issued by the Rubber Hose and Tape Branch of China Rubber Industry Association for many years. On November 15, 2021, letone Technology (stock code: 832225) became the first batch of listed companies on the Beijing Stock Exchange and entered a new stage of development.

Letone oil hose

Complete Customer Ideas

user first

Make product quality the highest standard and strict requirements, continue to reflect and improve, set the goal, and never give up

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Stabilize process technology and strengthen quality awareness Material quality will not be reduced for any reason Continue to train the workforce and promote the spirit of craftsmanship.

Continue to innovate

The pursuit of quality is regarded as life. Solve problems and pain points in time, and not be afraid of difficulties. There is no limit to product upgrades, beyond the benchmark


our current situation

Since its establishment, Litong Technology has always adhered to the core values of "integrity-based, customer first", and unswervingly promoted the development strategy of "leading originality, prioritizing talent training, rooting in lean, and bravely climbing the peak", closely focusing on fluid The upstream and downstream industrial chains of technology carry out blending and modification of polymer materials, high-temperature TPV, hydraulic rubber and plastic hoses, oil drilling and production fracturing hoses, multi-functional material conveying hoses, chemical conveying hoses, ultra-high pressure resin hoses, The R&D and manufacturing of hydrogen filling hoses, automotive air-conditioning hoses, food and medical hoses, fluid connectors, rubber and plastic sealing products, etc., takes green development as its own responsibility, and leads the industry with new energy, new materials, and new technology innovations. Quality development, serving the global intelligent manufacturing of equipment, and striving for the great goal of "becoming the leader of the global fluid technology industry".



Imported Machine

Letone Technology now has 50 high-speed braiding machines, 35 steel wire winding machines, 8 industrial hose forming production lines, and more than 200 fluid connector processing equipment.



Number Of Employees

We have more than 600 professional mechanical workers, weaving workers, rubber compounding workers



Floor Space

Our company covers an area of more than 200,000 square meters and has 8 modern workshops.



Exporting Country

We have exported products to more than 40 countries